Curious by nature, animated by travel and discovery. I decided to create this blog in order to share my finds. Yes I like to share my knowledge, to pass on. Whether it’s vegan fashion or wellness.

I traveled very early, however it’s his last 5 years where I started to travel in nomadic mode and obviously the vision of things change with experience, with time and fortunately!

Vegetarian for a few years, the love of animals has led me to a vegan lifestyle. And there we had to do a lot of research to replace his habits before. This obviously takes a lot of time, in order to check a number of criteria when with all its new products on the market.

The love of travel, discovery, unusual and magical places, antiques, ethical creations, ethnic jewelry, colorful fabrics made in vegan…. All this and more…. I’m sharing it with you!

I hope you enjoy discovering my jewels.

A very soon