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What does a recycled bicycle air chamber look like?


What does a recycled bicycle air chamber look like?

A very nice handbag that looks like high-end leather, and made by reclycing bycicle air chamber. I would have not guess how beautiful the result is.

Alternatives to animal leather… are full of options and that is good news. I’ll start here by these amazing products… and let you discover their creations.

MR. REEV. Created and designed by designer Aurore Falaize and made by people with disabilities working in France.

A nice discovery, they make their accessories, belts and bags using bicycle air chambers, recycling is adequate … I love their lined shoulder bag.

Fantom. A French family business that creates quality items while respecting the environment by manufacturing their products with recycled bicycle air chambers and therefore offers a humane alternative leather goods, Vegan. We love it!

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