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Style and commitment to our vegan sneakers.


Style and commitment to our vegan sneakers.

When you turn to vegetarian or Vegan food. Consciousness comes to remind you at some point. And your clothes and shoes… Without throwing away the few animal leather shoes or accessories that I still have…

I thought about it and then I told myself that on the one hand it was not green and that if this animal had suffered, I had to respect it to the end. Then come the search for products created with plant materials and of course, keeping a style that we sherished and also discover others.

Through research I was able to admire some brands by their commitment and by the pretty things they offer…

The first thing I looked for… The sneakers, yes a nice pair of white sneakers … and I found some super nice models!

Here a list of the brands I like:

MINUIT SUR TERRE. A French eco-responsible brand. You’ll find all-weather shoes and bags as well.