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What is Liquid Spirulina?


What is Liquid Spirulina?

A wonder of nature to discover as soon as possible. A microalgae 100% benefits became the dietary supplement of our century, even if it was discovered in the 1950s in Chad. It is now commercialized worldwide. The liquid version is all the more spectacular.

I discovered Spirulina five years ago due to joint pain. At that time I had been advised a version in tablet, this one having had no effect, so I stopped. It wasn’t until 2 years later that I discovered the concentrated liquid version and to my surprise its benefits were quickly felt on my body and mind.

Because of its content of vitamins, amino acids and plant proteins. Everything our body needs to clean and regenerate… . This bioavailable concentrated liquid version is just the best version I’ve ever seen. There is also the provenance that needs to be checked. Indeed, absorbing everything in its path, the cultivation of spirulina must be perfectly protected from its environment.

You will find in the link below everything that spirulina contains and its benefits on our body and mind. I hope you’ll enjoy, Good reading!

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