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We now know that the bohemian chic style came to life a long time ago, apparently in the 18th century. It was adopted by free thinkers, artists, following the revolution is the impact of it on the economic crisis.

The bohemian chic style reappeared in the 60s and 70s, always to affirm a different way of thinking from the rules imposed, free thinking, a nomadic life detached from certain constraints.

The bohemian chic style is varied from different outfits, but the one that remains timeless is the Boho dress, bohemian, hippie chic.

It is made for all women regardless of their shape and size. It is fluid, comfortable, flowery, colorful and sexy yes sexy! Elegant at will. 

The bohemian style 100% Cotton…

In the great bazaar of fashion, however, it is difficult to find a true bohemian style and quality. I discovered the brand BLUE, the designer has been creating her models for 20 years now, not bad! A beautiful reference. She uses 100% cotton veil and is very invested with the hands that make her pretty dresses.

The chic Bohemian brand I love

I invite you to see for yourself all his wonderful creations. From the long dress to the bohemian top through the accessories.

BALI Dress Turquoise O/S

LILA Dress S/M

ROSY Dress S/M

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Style and commitment to our vegan sneakers.

When you turn to vegetarian or vegan food. Consciousness comes to remind you at some point…

“And about my clothes, shoes and leather accessories” Again I don’t judge anyone, who am I for that…

Personally, this goes hand in hand at a time. So without throwing away the few animal leather shoes or accessories that I still have.
I thought about it and I told myself that on the one hand it was not ecological and that if this animal had suffered, I had to respect it to the end. So I still carry his products until they wear their total wear.


Then comes the search for products created with plant materials and of course, keeping a style we cherish and also discovering other styles. Thanks to the research, I was able to admire some brands by their commitment and by the pretty things they offer… The first thing I looked for… The sneakers, yes a nice pair of white sneakers … and I found some super nice models!

It is true to point out that Vegan fashion is getting more and more affordable and that’s great news.


There are great models of sneakers at affordable prices for the classics.


Sneakers for the whole family, casual or professional sportsmen.


Live from Portugal. It is nice to point out that Portugal is well ahead of the creation of Vegan products… Bravo!


Fair trade ahead for this pretty brand or trend is the order of the day!

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What does a recycled bicycle air chamber look like?

A very nice handbag that looks like high-end leather, and made by reclycing bycicle air chamber. I would have not guess how beautiful the result is.

Alternatives to animal leather… are full of options and that is good news. I’ll start here by these amazing products… and let you discover their creations.

MR. REEV. Created and designed by designer Aurore Falaize and made by people with disabilities working in France.

A nice discovery, they make their accessories, belts and bags using bicycle air chambers, recycling is adequate … I love their lined shoulder bag.

Fantom. A French family business that creates quality items while respecting the environment by manufacturing their products with recycled bicycle air chambers and therefore offers a humane alternative leather goods, Vegan. We love it!

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THE new vegetable leather, PIÑATEX

Have you heard of Piñatex? The Pineapple fibers who is replacing animal leather and the result is just stunning! A solid and light material, which is not negligible whether for sneakers or handbags. It comes in many colours and attracts more and more brands of leather goods, furnishings and ready-to-wear. It is a market that is much talked about and this is only the beginning, since it could replace half of the production of animal leather. Yes, half of it! And not to mention all its waste, tons of reused pineapple fibers 🙂